Sword and Scales: Philosophy of Justice Part 2


The DLSU Philosophy Department and DLSU Pilosopo organized an event, Sword and Scales: Philosophy of Justice Part 2. In this event, the speakers presented their own understanding of justice in accordance to the respective topics they had discussed.

During the seminar, there are three speakers. Each of them had presented insightful subject matters. The first speaker introduced the topic on “The Philippine Concept of Cosmic Justice or Karma: An Essential Characteristic of Classical Natural Law Jurisprudence”. In his talk, he started with the concept of karma. According to him, the cosmic justice exist since it influences humanity. Meanwhile, the second speaker discussed the events during our history mainly on the colonization of Spaniards. He pointed out that we should ask ourselves as to how did justice exist during those times. Lastly, the third speaker focused on “Book One”. One of the main points he had talked about is this question, “Is your life peaceful due to your temperament or your being wealthy?”

With all of these, the speakers gave different concepts of justice. Now, the question is, “What is justice?” We all know that it is an act to be fair, just and free from biases. Justice is what the oppressed need. It is what the suffering individuals need. But for me, justice is merely an obligation in which the world needs. It is an obligation that can contribute in achieving harmonious purpose in life.


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