The Moon and The Sun

Long ago, there was a big rock that no one could ever imagine. It was impossible that this rock would be a place to live in. It was empty and dark. There was no light, water and land.

(Photo from: Digital Blasphemy)

Suddenly, a voice, out of nowhere, exclaimed, “Let there be life in this lost place.” The darkness became a blue sky. The voice added, “Let it grow for this shall be my homeland!”. From then on, each day, the world was filled with different objects. During the third day of the creation, two different lights from sky appeared simultaneously. These lights gave such beauty to the world that no one could ever ask for. The darkness was replaced by the brightness of the lights.

These lights are considered  as siblings to one another. One was named, Helius and the other one was named as Selene. They would love to do things together as they have provided light to the world. They were inseparable. As siblings, no disagreement should come between them because they are one of the important things created in the world. One day, all of a sudden, the voice again started to utter words. He said, “Let there be day and night!”. Hearing these words, Helius and Selene were eager enough as to how can they provide light to day and night.

Suddenly, two incidents occurred that had created a competition and jealousy between Selene and Helius. On the first time of having a day, Helius was the only one who could produce a brighter light in the sky. He was amused with what he can do during the day. Came night time, Selene now gave a brighter light. She was also amused of the light she could offer to the world. Until one time, their friends, the Apanies, the protectors of any forms of water, had raised their own favorite light. Some were in favor of the light Selene could give at night while the others preferred the light given by Helius during the day. Therefore, the two siblings had a debate on this matter. Selene said, “I am the most important light because without me, darkness will still prevail at night”. Meanwhile, Helius disagreed with her. According to him, without the light that he could produce, no one can see during the day. With too much anger of both parties, the world began to shake as if earthquakes were to happen. Then, the sky became dark again because of the quarrels going on between Selen and Helius.

Suddenly, a voice started to interrupt them. “What are you two doing? Can’t you see that the world is starting to be in its old form again because of the two of you?”, said by the strange voice. Selene and Helius stopped with their fight and took a look at the world. They made a destruction to it. “Because of your unwanted actions, you must face the consequence. I will be separating the two of you. You will not be siblings anymore.” As commanded by the voice, Helius will only be appearing during day time. His light would then be called as Sun. On the other hand, Selene will continue to give light at night. Her light would be known as the Moon.

(Photo from: Yang-Sheng)

From then on, the two never met. The siblings that were inseparable before became two different lights during the day and night.

*This story is basically inspired by the Creation Story from the Bible.